No other doll has sparked as much conversation as Barbie.

But maybe kids don’t see Barbie the way adults do?

Some see a fearless zoologist, leading a backyard safari.

Others see a mermaid-astronaut, ready to explore the unknown, or perhaps a pet-doctor, a magical caretaker to stuffed animals.

We are excited to begin this journey and invite you to share what you see, hear and feel when you watch your kids play with Barbie.

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Meet the moms who are starting their own #BarbieProject journey

Eliana Tardio

When You Choose Hope

Residing in Florida, Eliana Tardio is the blogger of Living and Loving with Down Syndrome. Writing about the blissful and challenging moments, Eliana has told uplifting and impactful messages about what it's like raising two children with special needs. Her daughter, Ayelen (age 6), is vibrant and always on the move. Ayelen is ta very talkative young girl who is not afraid to tell you what's on her mind. Her family is bilingual in Spanish and English. You can connect with Eliana via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Yolanda Machado

Sassy Mama in LA

Yolanda Machado is the blogger of Sassy Mama in L.A., which is a lifestyle blog for the modern, Latina mom who's always on-the-go that features entertainment, recipes, crafting, style and more. She lives in Los Angeles with her daughter and husband. Her daughter, Sofia (who is 6 going on 16) is quite the independent thinker with a big imagination when it comes to playtime and style. You can learn more about Yolanda and Sofia by connecting via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Melissa Atkins Wardy

Pigtail Pals

From Wisconsin, Melissa Atkins Wardy is the author of "Redefining Girly" and founder of Pigtail Pals & Ballcap Buddies, an online children's clothing store created to educate thousands of parents about the need to preserve childhood through media literacy and creative play. Pigtail Pals has become a leader in advocating for kids, especially for girls. Melissa has an 8 year old daughter, Amelia, who is caring, confident and girly in her own way. You can connect with Melissa via Facebook and Twitter.

Ruby Wright

Growing Up Blackxican

Living in South Jersey, Ruby Wright is the blogger of Growing Up Blackxican, a diverse family blog focusing on topics such as parenting, crafts, travel and more as it relates to their bicultural love and traditions for their family. Ruby's daughter, referred to as "Little Lady", is the family's little princess. She is a talkative 4 year old who enjoys helping in the kitchen with mom and dad. To learn more about Ruby, Little Lady and the rest of the family, you can connect with her via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Kara Norman

Empower Her, Inc.

Living in Atlanta, Kara Norman is the founder of Empower Her, Inc. an empowerment agency for women and girls that focuses on providing events, resources, and programs for women and girls. She is also the co-founder of girls mentoring program G.E.M.S. and Jewels, promoting self-esteem, self-awareness and self-worth within the lives of young girls and teens. Kara's two girls (Kennedy, age 10 and Kayla, age 15) have just as strong, independent minds like Kara. To learn more about Kara, connect with her via the Empower Her, Inc. website and Twitter.

Tammi Roy

My Organized Chaos

From Alberta, Canada, Tammi Roy is the blogger of My Organized Chaos, a highly popular online resource for motherhood, photography, travel features and more. Mother of three little princesses, two of which are twins, her chaos is beautiful and she loves every moment of it. Isabelle (9 years old) is the oldest of the bunch, while the twins, Katelyn and Sophia are 5 years old. Isabelle is a cheerleader and all three girls love to swim and other outdoor activities. To learn more about the family, you can connect with Tammi via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Jenny Isenman

The Suburban Jungle

Jenny Isenman AKA "Jenny From the Blog" is a pop culture obsessed, card carrying Gen Xer, and the humorist behind the award winning site, The Suburban Jungle. Jenny does on air segments as a Gen X, Parenting, and Lifestyle expert. She's also a featured writer at Huffington Post Parents, YahooShine, and has weekly columns at The Stir, Smart Beauty Guide and South Florida Parenting magazine. Jenny has a tween son, Jake (who will probably leave her for another woman) and a 9 year-old daughter, Ry, whose quick-wit, extensive vocabulary, and shockingly logical thinking may lead her to world domination. Join Jenny and the insanity on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Brandy Mercredi

Heart and Habit

Living in Toronto, Canada but an Alberta native, Brandy is the writer behind Heart & Habit - a personal blog about the simple moments in life, and real life family style. Brandy is a clothing product developer/apparel designer by trade - but the title of "wife, momma, yogi, friend, tomboy, and designer" suits her better these days. The Heart of the blog focuses on the days spent exploring their city as a family or staying in their pajamas all day, whereas the Habit is more focused on her point of view on clothing and style, the way she see kids' clothes. Her daughter Harlow, age 3, is drawn to pretty much anything pink, despite Brandy's hesitation towards it. You can connect with Brandy via Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.