Finding Her Voice #BarbieProject | My Organized Chaos

There’s one particular song that Katie took a massive liking to, from Barbie The Princess & The Popstar. She watched and learned, over and over again. First singing along with the movie quietly and then she became louder. 

After a while, she would sing ‘Here I am‘ while playing with her The Princess & The Popstar Barbie dolls. Yet, she would immediately stop and look almost guilty when she realized anyone was listening.

Over time, her voice strengthened and she found the courage to sing loud and to anyone within earshot. She even requested me to take video of her performing, which was remarkable.

It took a couple of years, yet now she belts out tunes all day long, on planes and even among strangers in a foreign land. 

Literally, Katie sings all.the.time. When playing with Barbies, she opts to sing words instead of speaking them. Katie sings while she walks, in the car and even as she’s falling asleep. I have to admit to giggling when Sophia, her twin sister, is the one telling her to “settle down.”

Katie is finding her way. Her strength. Her ability to shine and be the star of the show after all these years.