You know [your Barbie doll is] missing a shoe?” Ella questioned.

Ry: “Yeah, I know, but she has both socks and a ball and a trophy.”

Ella: “Cool” (then she pulled out a doll from her back which was donning a bathing suit and surfer shorts) “I’m her. She’s my favorite,” she said, staking her claim.

Ry: “You know she’s missing an arm?” (asked in the same tone as the missing shoe comment, but as if it was clearly a bigger deal.)

Ella: “Duh! She’s Bethany Hamilton from Soul Surfer.”

[…]Over the next few minutes I heard Ella explain how amazing Bethany is and why she’s her idol. How she overcame this awful accident and learned a new way to rise to the top of her sport. I heard how she almost gave up, but didn’t and how she pulled the arm of a Barbie. She explained that no one should ever tell you that you CAN’T do anything and if they do… you shouldn’t believe them.

Who says #Barbie needs all her limbs all the time? Read more about Ry and Ella’s play date at: #BarbieProject